Service Level Agreement

 Purpose and Scope

WordPress is available as a platform for hosting and maintaining University websites and blogs for schools, colleges, administrative units, academic centers, top level content (e.g. UAMS home page, university-wide marketing and communications pages) and other university-wide programs and services.

The following are within the scope of the UAMS WordPress service:

  • Branded Site Addresses – Short, easy to remember and communicate site addresses with support for HTTPS encryption, in the format if available.
  • Production Environment – For use in hosting UAMS live WordPress sites and performing ongoing, routine site content updates and editorial changes. Includes 100 MB content storage quota.
  • WordPress Guide – Online learning and support resources, tailored to using WordPress at UAMS.
  • UAMS Web Identity Theme – For websites that fall within the scope of UAMS Web branding guidelines.
  • Custom Themes – For websites that fall outside the scope of UAMS Web branding guidelines.
  • Plugin Catalog – A catalog of curated, managed and supported plugins.
  • Managed Software Updates – Staged software updates of server software, WordPress, plugins and the UAMS Web Identity theme by the WordPress support team. You can concentrate on your content!
  • UAMS Short URL Services – Creation of easy to remember and communicate website and web page addresses (with support for HTTPS encryption), for use in marketing and promotion.

The following are outside the scope of the UAMS WordPress service:

  • Hosting of personal sites.
  • Storage and archiving of digital assets not optimized for Web and mobile and not part of University sites and blogs.
  • Ad hoc plugin installations on a per-site basis.
  • Custom Web application/database development and open source software hosting beyond functionality constructed using plugins in the UAMS Plugin Catalog, WordPress child themes, and the WordPress API.


Live, production WordPress sites are available 24 by 7, except during scheduled maintenance windows. WordPress is hosted on a secure, virtualized, firewalled, high-availability architecture with redundancy in all components, 24 by 7 automated remote monitoring, 24 by 7 on-call support staff, nightly data backups and zero dependencies on the UAMS infrastructure for functionality required to deliver content and interactivity to WordPress site visitors. Hosting platform services are provided through a contract with an external service provider.

The live, production WordPress environment maintenance window is every Friday from 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM. All maintenance resulting in outages during scheduled maintenance and any unscheduled or emergency outages will be announced to WordPress administrators, content authors and developers via email and posted on the web services website.


Support for campus WordPress Administrators, editors and Web developers is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The WordPress guide website is available as a learning and support resource 24 by 7.

Content & Update Review Responsibilities

Content & Links: WordPress administrators and content editors are responsible for the accuracy of their content and links. Corrections may be provided to WordPress Administrators and content editors by site visitors, Help Desk and other members of UAMS. If the impact on site visitors is high and a correction is urgently needed, a member of the WordPress support team reserves the right to make the correction.

WordPress Updates: As part of the WordPress managed software update cycle and curation of the Plugin Catalog, updates, additions and retirements will be performed first on WordPress Development environment and WordPress Learning environment, then on the WordPress Production environment.

Changes related to WordPress core software updates, plugin additions, updates and removals, and enhancements to the UAMS Web Identity theme will be communicated to WordPress administrators and content authors (including names and version numbers of affected plugins) prior to changes being performed on the Development environment. While changes are in place on the Development environment, WordPress administrators are responsible for reviewing and testing their sites, and for providing feedback and issue reports to the WordPress support. The duration of the Development review and testing period will be commensurate to the scope and impact of the change. After review and testing concludes, changes will be applied to the Production environment.

Curation of the Plugin Catalog and updates to WordPress core software may require WordPress administrators and content editors to make adjustments to their sites to accommodate changes in available functionality, including switching to alternate solutions. Scheduled time for switching will be commensurate to the scope and impact of the work required to switch.


There are no charges associated with the use of this campus service when using it at standard service levels as defined in this document.


Designated WordPress administrator: All sites and blogs are required to have an identified WordPress administrator (site owner) who is a full time employee of the university. A secondary WordPress administrator is highly recommended.

Service Integrity & Availability: Any code, content or functionality that compromises service or data security, performance or availability is subject to removal.

Applicable University Policies: WordPress Administrators, editors and Web developers using the UAMS WordPress service are bound by the UAMS Acceptable Use Policy and Information Security Policy.

Branding Standards: All sites and blogs are required to adhere to UAMS Web branding guidelines, including the use of the UAMS Web Identity WordPress theme for schools, colleges, administrative units and academic centers. Use of the Web Identity WordPress theme is recommended but not required for research labs and other university-sponsored initiatives, programs and collaborations. Custom WordPress themes are permitted for sites outside the scope of UAMS Web branding guidelines.

Disallowed Data Classifications: WordPress shall not be used store, collect or transmit sensitive information, including SSNs, PCI (credit card) information, or HIPAA information. For more information about data in the aforementioned classifications, see UAMS Information Security Guidelines, Policies & Standards.

Credit Card Acceptance: WordPress shall not be used for online payment processing. For information about online payment processing, see UAMS Credit Card Acceptance procedure.

Web Accessibility: All sites and blogs are required to be accessible to people with disabilities, per Section 508 Laws. For information on Web accessibility, see the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Introduction to Web Accessibility.

Authentiction: All access to WordPress Adminsitration Screens is provided via UAMS ePantherID using the UAMS 1Login service. Individuals who are not members of UAMS (e.g. vendor or contractor) may apply for a Sponsored Guest ePantherACCOUNT through the UAMS Identity and Access Management program ( All password protection of content for members of UAMS is required to use the UAMS 1Login service.

Changes to Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement is subject to change, as required by applicable UWM polices, procedures, guidelines, operational support requirements and security requirements. You will be notified in advance of any changes to this Service Level Agreement. By using the UAMS WordPress service, you are accepting this Service Level Agreement.

Revision History

April 10, 2017 – Modified from UWM – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
April 4, 2014 – Finalization of initial draft, based on UWM Web Content Management Advisory Group feedback, applicable UWM polices and procedures, UWM subject matter expert advisement and support resource allocations. – Mark Jacobson